What Drink Would You Invent

Writing about the “hey let’s make our own soda!” stuff in the Fizzy Lizzy review got me to wondering: What if one day I just lost my mind and decided to invent my own drink in the garage and then tried to sell it. Maybe a flash-pasteurized peanut butter smoothie. Or cherry root beer.

8 thoughts on “What Drink Would You Invent”

  1. BLACK cherry root beer.
    Grapefruit limeade.
    Butterscotch chai.
    WHY am I sitting on this goldmine?

  2. Lately I’ve been thinking about a pineapple Dr Pepper. But I don’t have to just sit around and mope and dream about it, I’m going to go to Sonic and make that shit happen, straight up.

  3. Something with pasta. Alphabet soda or maybe cherry and stars. Plum tomato cola with tender little pasta Os and a hint of rosemary. I think mac and cheese has potential as a dairy drink in some form or another.

  4. Last night I had a dream where I ordered a Malibu and Coke at a bar. And then I thought: “Hmmm, coconut coke!” and told the barkeep to hold the rum part of the Malibu. Which in reality would have been impossible, but in dreams I really let my imagination wander.

  5. lol Travis is trippin Hard. wow but cherry root berry would be the shit though, and that is very intresting the whole fried cola. HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU FRY COCA COLE. Thats like asking for high blood presure and diabetes on the side

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