Alert beverage-consumer Maura alerts us to Spykes, describing them thusly:

Served in nail polish-sized bottles. Flavors are spicy lime, hot melons (?!), spicy mango, and hot chocolate. It’s fortified with caffeine and guarana. What confused me the most was the instruction to “drink them as a shot or pour them in to [sic] your beer.”

We do love the hot melons. Thanks Maura!

13 thoughts on “Spykes”

  1. I tried them, and they taste like cancer. That’s what I get for drinking something that’s called “hot melons.” The chocolate was definitely the nastiest (adding weird choco-smelling funk to an MGD…not my finest hour), the mango the most innocuous, but all in all, they absolutely taste like poison.

  2. I personally love spykes. I mix the chocolate one with mich amber ultra, it makes it taste like a darker beer or mix the choco with guiness and it takes like a double choco stout. To the above comment, I dont think that there is anything that you could put in an MGD and it not taste like a**.

  3. Dudes, gals – you are supposed to mix the Chocolate one with Michelob Amber Bock, or othe rdark beers, never ad chocolate to lager or pilsner- what a goofball. Are you a frat boy?

  4. ok. i LOVE Spykes! i have yet to actually try them in my beer (i was flying when i first tried them and was already a six pack in), but the melon and mango ones are really good! i’ve heard the lime one is awesome in a corona. i’ve heard the chocolate one is good in coffee, kinda like bailey’s. all in all, give ’em a try. don’t go on what anyone says, live life guys.

  5. Keep in mind that these things were made by Ann/Busch and probably will taste better with their products to make more money for them. Amber Boch for Choco is correct (think tootsie roll), Mango and Lime are pretty good in regular Bud, and Melons’ are better with Mich. Also try thowing them into your favorite vodka based cocktail. Mango in a screwdriver is hard to beat.

  6. I have never tried them because I can not find them anywhere. What state are you people buying them in. I am in MICHIGAN and can’t find them anywhere. Come on BUD hurry up.

  7. I work at a beer store in Kentucky, and we have had Spykes since Dec. I haven’t tried them, but they sale great.

  8. I personally work for Budweiser. We got those in stock around the end of February (NC). I stumbled across this because I was a little curious about what other people thought of them. I actually mixed the melon one with vodka, and it was delicious, along with a little fruit punch. I havent tried the others, mainly because I can only buy them by the case, and not individually.


  10. We were down in the Ozarks and they kept giving them to us as shots in these 18o energy drink shot glasses, the only one I can remember is the tootsie roll shot which was hot chocolate and 180 energy drink. I did really taste like a tootsie roll, they has some others but I forgot the mix they called one a crazy bitch…..the lime in a corona is pretty good and you get more alcohol

  11. Anywhere know where i can order some or where in the bay area (California) i can find some?

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