2 thoughts on “Bling H2O”

  1. What person in their right mind would buy such a bottle of water? I’m pretty sure the company will be giving away the drink at movie premieres and sending ditzy Paris Hilton a few cases to carry around for starters.
    If you ever wanted to be like your favorite rapper and drink Crystal (pronounced cris-TAL) but don’t have the stomach for alcohol then Bling Beverages might have an answer for you. Bling Beverages LLC has developed Bling H2O, a new drinking water tailor for the super-rich consumer. The bottles of water come in frosted and corked bottles with genuine Swarovski crystals that spell out the “Bling” in Bling H2O on the bottle. The creator of the water commented that “Bling H2O is to bottled water what Rolls Royce is to automobiles; a premium product with premium packaging that merits a premium price. Bling is a stand-alone beverage as well as the perfect compliment to your favorite cocktail.”

  2. This is right up there with dying your poodle pink. Some people have way too much time and money on their hands. I would laugh if, in five years, they found out the makers of Bling H2O were using tap water to fill their pretty bottles.

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