Yoo-Hoo Dyna-Mocha

Man, when was the last time I had Yoo-Hoo? Probably twenty years ago, at least. Ugh. I don’t want to get all heavy about my Early Circumstances, but Yoo-Hoo was one of the beverages of my youth that my dad and brother both loved and I couldn’t stand. Moxie being the other. My inability to chug those bevs along with the other men in the family is basically how I ended up casting my lot in with the women-folk, and well, I guess you know the rest. I showed you my therapy bill that one time.

But a lot can change in 20 years–I did turn out heterosexual, Dad, and apparently Yoo-Hoo now comes in a host of different flavors! Who knew! Not me.

With a name like “Dyna-Mocha”, you’d expect the beverage to absolutely decimate your preconceived notions about the mixing of coffee and chocolate, and that is exactly what it does. OK not really, but they seem to have the science down. I’ve still got the empty Dyna-Mocha bottle on my desk and dang I would love another one. If only I could share the moment with my father. O, to have those twenty years back!

Dad? Can you hear me up there, Dad? I found a Yoo-Hoo I like, Daddy. Your boy finally found a Yoo-Hoo he likes. *uncontrollable sobs* Hold on, my Dad’s not dead.

7 thoughts on “Yoo-Hoo Dyna-Mocha”

  1. Anybody else ever notice that YooHoo tastes like an egg cream without the carbonation? I mean, basically YooHoo is watered-down chocolate milk, and an egg cream is soda’ed-down chocolate milk. Just saying…

  2. Anybody else ever notice that YooHoo tastes like an egg cream without the carbonation?
    No, I was always too busy noticing that YooHoo tasted like sh*t.
    Anybody ever notice that if you drink a grape Nehi immediately after eating a whole Peppermint Patti, it tastes like beer?

  3. i feel the need to defend my honor here. To be clear, it was only ever Dad that liked YooHoo. i tried it once or twice, mainly at parties. i mean, if you wanted to fit in with the popular kids, thats just what you had to do. but i just didnt like the taste and/or consistency back then. I guess hats why i never made it with the “in” crowd.
    although i will defend the awesomeness of Moxie until the cows have nearly come home.

  4. I couldn’t resist putting up a snippet from the wikipedia entry on Moxie, (“Moxie was first marketed as a patent medicine in Lowell, Massachusetts under the product name “Moxie Nerve Food”.[1] Moxie was said to cure ailments ranging from softening of the brain to “loss of manhood.” In 1884, it was sold in carbonated form and merchandised as an invigorating drink, which claimed to endow the drinker with “spunk.”‘) What other product out there can claim to harden the brain, endow manhood, and impart spunk all at the same time!

  5. If you are interested in a Quick Ice Coffee Chocolate Drink, DON’T BUY YOO-HOO DYNA-MOCHA. It tastes really bad, almost like some nasty medicine. I would recommend the other Yoo-Hoo Chocolate drinks.
    My wife and I tried one sipp from a bottle and we thought we were going to puke. This is really a nasty drink.

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