SoBe National Tour 2006

The SoBe Love Bus recently pulled into town, and K4T got the exclusive interview with the kid who drives it!

K4T: Hey what’s up.

SoBe Kid: Hey.

K4T: You just drive around, showing off the beverages?

SoBe Kid: Yeah.

K4T: How’d you get hooked up with that gig?

Sobe Kid: My friend did it last summer. So…did you want to try something?

My host gestured to the table in front of him, across which an array of SoBe products were displayed.

K4T: What kind is your favorite?

SoBe Kid: I guess this one.

K4T: You know these pink ones have cochineal extract in them? It’s a red dye made from bugs.

SoBe Kid: *shrugs*, *checks watch.*

After carefully perusing the ingredients, I indicated that I would like to try SoBe Energy Power Fruit Punch and he poured me half a Dixie Cup’s worth. It was OK. Tasted fruit punch-y. Actually as such, it was significantly better than a lot of the energy drinks out there, which generally taste like a grapefruit trying to fuck an electrical socket. And of course it made me mildly anxious for 30 minutes, as anything with even one gram of taurine or guarana seems wont to do. Pretty soon I won’t even be able to leave the house for fear of getting too hysterical.

While I was finishing my bev and crushing the Dixie Cup against my forehead, the local Pepsi rep came over to talk to my guy about how things were going and where his next stop was going to be, so I was unable to continue the interview. Still, I feel like some real headway was made. Significant inroads, as such. Look for SoBe to pull all cochineal-infused products from the shelves any day now, and stay tuned to K4T for more exclusive interviews with the leaders in the beverage industry!

4 thoughts on “SoBe National Tour 2006”

  1. Where was this interview taken? Which state? There is no such thing as ‘SoBe Energy Fruit Punch’. The SoBe ‘Energy’ is a Citrus Punch. The SoBe ‘Power’ is a Fruit Punch. Neither are an energy drink.

  2. Poor write up… you dont even know which drinks you were even drinking andd as stated about non were a true energy drink! I wouldnt believe a work written on this page!

  3. The SoBe “Power” and “Energy” drinks aren’t actually energy drinks? How’s that work? Especially given the (conspicuously!) similar ingredients to other energy drink products (Caffeine, L-Proline, Creatine (!), Taurine, Guarana).
    If it looks like an energy drink and tastes like an energy drink…
    That’s what I’m saying, right?

  4. No need to be defensive. SoBe will sell itself if advertised correctly, but one should try to type correctly before trying to make such remarks. Attacking this site is in no way kind to the SoBe image. On the other hand, I do not agree with them being energy drinks and they taste nothing like one. They were on the market before the energy drink category was even created and the products mentioned above acted, and still do, as a “New Age” alternative beverage to the colas of the day.

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