Open Thread: Serving Sizes

I had been planning on writing a post about optimal beverage serving size, but thankfully Mr Baldwin wrote about it so I don’t have to:

When Coke [was] sold in 6 oz. bottles it was billed as the “pause” that refreshes. Now it’s a motherlovin’ sabbatical.

Personally I vote 250ml (“energy drink size”) is the absolute perfect amount. You get a good swig, but you don’t feel like the drinking process is taking up the whole afternoon, and there’s room afterwards for if you need to drink something else to wash the taste of the first drink out. What do you kids think.

5 thoughts on “Open Thread: Serving Sizes”

  1. I was just thinking how the standard 12 oz. can seems laughably small to me these days. Of course I am still adjusting to the arid Colorado climate and even thirstier than usual if you can even fathom such a thing. But still. I vote for 16 ounces.

  2. That last 1/4 of a 20oz bottle always seems like a little too much, so I really like the new 16oz (I think) bottles that I’ve been seeing lately. Plus it’s resealable, unlike a can.

  3. I’m a pretty thrifty girl or as some might say “poor” so I’m all for the most drink for my dollar when it comes to soda. I always buy one-liter bottles when they are available, but if it was all the same price per ounce (in MagicSodaLand), I would prefer about 12 to 16 oz.

  4. I just got back from Ireland yesterday, and while over there I saw Cokes and Diet Cokes in 150mL cans, and they were super cute. I am a huge fan of the 250mL screw top, c’est parfait.

  5. I agree that the 250ml is the perfect size. I despise it when my beverage is so large that by the time I’m nearing the end, it’s tepid and flat. I like a nice cold drink, and those bigger sizes present too many warming possibilities

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