Natural Brew Ginseng Cola

Allow me a brief trip down sense-memory lane: I’m told that at one point when I was very young my dad worked loading trucks at the Pequot Soda company in Connecticut. The upshot was that we always had a lot of soda on hand, and I guess this was back before the idea of recycling caught fire, as there were always cases and cases of empty glass bottles in our garage. My brother and I used to go down there and check the bottles to see if any still had some soda remnants in them that we could scavenge. Ah, misspent high-class youth. But the thing I remember about those bottles is that they all had this really excellent (to young me) scent of flat, lost-its-carbonation cola. Anyways this smells exactly like that, is why I mention it. FYI and FWIW.

My first sip of Natural Brew Ginseng Cola started with a nice cola bark, and ended with what felt like a quick lick of the drawer where we keep the spices. That’s the ginseng finish, and it caught me off guard at first.

So I guess here’s the question: do you want a cola that just lays back and thinks of England, or do you want a cola whose hips rise to meet yours?

You know me, I like to get down, so I tore the t-shirt from my well-oiled abs and shouted Hunker down, Harriet! Josh I don’t know if you’ve ever been with a woman, but the general concensus is that extra care and attention on the object of one’s desire will cause your own pleasure to greatly increase. That was pretty much my experience here exactly: I dug in and quickly started enjoying myself. The ginseng is actually not a bad kick, and it makes the beverage stand out from the crowd, like so many SSC’s. The ginseng crashes nicely against the very strong vanilla notes, and is there ever a cola that has enough vanilla in it? I’m asking.

I think one of the major things we like about Coke is that it drags its fingernails across the insides of your mouth, so I say kudos to this company, for coming up with a different–yet similarly interesting–experience.

I for one am definitely down for another round. I just need, like 5 minutes. OK an hour.

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  1. the bottles, i remember, yes. the ‘hoping for some left over soda in them’, i leave that memory soley in your head.
    what was that ‘pop stop’ soda we used to get all the time?

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