Bolthouse Farms Mango Lemonade

Is it wrong to have actual feelings of love for a juice? I’M NOT SAYING I DO, I’M JUST ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

We’ve talked about the Bolthouse Mango Lemonade via both email and html, so I felt like a proper review was in order. How’s this: LIQUID HEAVEN.

I drank one a few days ago, took my notes, and left the bottle sitting on my desk while I waited for my thoughts to collect themselves into some kind of actual review. This morning I was looking at the bottle and realized I wanted another one so badly that OK maybe one single solitary tear slid down my face, all Iron Eyes Cody style. I’m not ashamed. It just would have hit the spot perfectly and my wanting something I couldn’t have at that moment is nothing to be embarrassed about. That’s the kind of stuff we need to talk about and share. That’s the good stuff, Josh. The good stuff.

This here is a very sweet drink, so people who are candyass should be aware. I find it works particularly well with hot weather. I drank it often last summer, and have officially started up again for the season. The mango to lemon balance is perfect. Let’s face it plain old lemonade is for dumb kids. We are adults now and we need to act like it, by adding things such as mango to our lemonade. The mango tempers the cloying sourness of typical lemonade, maybe? It’s got a strong finish of just straight-up sugar, but for me personally it’s a nice antidote to all that unsweetened tea that everyone won’t shut up about.

Liquid heaven. Like a goddamn little plastic bottle of sunshine and rainbows and big puffy girl handwriting. Dear Bolthouse Mango Lemonade will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend, circle YES NO MAYBE.

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  1. Yeah Mango Lemonade brings the goods and then goes away and comes back with some more goods. Bolthouse in general is pretty solid, in fact. I’ve yet to try something of theirs that wasn’t good. The C-Boost was surprisingly peachy, the Vanilla Chai a nice kind of pumpkin-y, the green one not as gross as expected.

  2. The Bolthouse stuff is a little pricey, but it does, god damn in-fact, bring the goods. The C-Boost stuff is PACKED with good-for-you stuff. The Mocha stuff is just enough coffee to sip without enough sweet to make you feel gross. The Green stuff looks like sewage, but tastes like god. And their Valencia Orange Juice is the only OJ that tastes like OJ. I feel like Bolthouse is a company I can trust. Go read those ingredients labels and tell me that’s not a company who don’t love you. A+ max, would do business again

  3. you know what, buddy? i had almost wiped this product out of my memory banks, which is for the best, really, considering i drank this stuff like crazy when i was living over your side of the world and it’s unavailable over here and no homemade mango lemonade quite hits the spot like that stuff does. *sigh* now you’ve gone and made me depressed, dammit. and when i go to work today, i’m going to be a sad sack and people are going to ask “what’s the matter?” and when i tell them i’m a wee bit sad because i’m reminiscing about a north american juice product, i’m going to get ever weirder looks than i did after i was depressed for two whole weeks about my favourite vegan haunt closing up shop. dammit.

  4. What the frack? Liquid heaven (!!) only got 4 out of 5 stars? What would it take to get a perfect score on this scale!?

  5. Yeah we’ve wrangled over this. In my own personal Weltanschauung, five stars is reserved for The Ultimate Beverage. And, for me, finding the Ultimate is the goal of this site. (Actually, the Ultimate is probably really really cold water because I mean like what is going to defeat that, but let’s just take that out of the equation for now.) Kfan has said that his five-starrers are more open-armed and can include any beverage that he loves and will drink over and over again, but then why give Mango Lemonade the four-star shaft? It seems to fall under that criteria. Maybe he’s changed. Maybe we all have.
    Anyway I wanted to pick up some more Bolthouses this weekend and give that OJ a shot and maybe the new Cranberry Lemonade but the store didn’t have either! So I got the Mocha Cappuccino and fuck was it good. Better than the vanilla version, even. There’s my capsule review.

  6. I’m glad someone in the world is taking my beverage suggestions. I, like you (And like myself.), am on the quest for tastiest beverage EVAR. I often find myself drinking something only to find that you have also drink/drank/drunk it, sometimes within the same timeframe as myself. What I’m getting at, Josh, is that we are beverage warriors, men bred to sip hiply-packed concentrates of exotic fruits until, at long sweet last, we are allowed to say “Ahhh” (How the fuck do you spell that and not look like an idiot? This is THE crisis facing beverage writing).
    That said, forget your store with the no OJ. C’mon, America. I find the Mocha has the best coffee flavor of any dubiously coffee beverage on the market. Of course, this one has actual coffee and that makes all the difference.
    And, for the record, I hold that the “Immunity Boost” juice actually cured my Mono.

  7. I sure do like the Bolthouse Chai, but everytime I drink it, it gives me a headache. Their carrot juice is pretty good too, but doesn’t really taste like carrots. Maybe that’s the point, I don’t know. Too bad I like carrots. Anyway, I can never pass up one of the Bolthouse Chais. Next time I get one, though, I’m picking up one of those two-packs of Tylenol at the register.

  8. I tried this the other day and I liked it, but it wasn’t sour enough for me. When I drink lemonade, I’m basically looking for tartness. Not too much, of course, but I didn’t really get any from this drink. My girlfriend loved it, though. Thanks for introducing me to the Bolthouse brand, because I’m interested in trying their other products.
    I think it’s time you codify the star rating system. If Kevin and Josh have different ideas on what the stars mean, then what exactly is the point? Come up with a system and stick to it.
    And no more of this 5 stars for the Ultimate Beverage stuff. Is there an Ultimate Beverage? Will you ever find something you can drink and drink without eventually getting tired of? I agree that the ultimate is basically water, so c’mon, give up this impossible search. If you do find the Ultimate Beverage, give it 6 stars or something ridiculous like that, because something that good has to break the Laws of Beverages.

  9. This site was built on a dream and to give up on a dream is basically the saddest thing in the world.

  10. I’m with Andrew on the Bolthouse Chai. Plus, it has protein!
    This site was built on a dream and to give up on a dream is basically the saddest thing in the world.
    Omit the period, and you have a Roast Beef line!

  11. I am having trouble finding the Mango Lemonade. They seemed to have stopped carrying this particular flavor. Can any one let me know if they stop selling this flavor.

  12. My wife just picked up some today and took a sip and was all “BLECCCH! THIS SUX!” and I was all “THEN HAND IT ON OVER” and I proceeded to chug down the remainder of its deliciousness. So yeah it’s still out there.

  13. I am now officially addicted to the Bolthouse Range. It has surpassed and replaced all the other juices i (didn’t) used to drink … the OJ was never a choice until i stumbled on this more expensive but more gratifying taste of bolthouse….. the Vanilla Chai feels Great after a workout (a better tasting PROTEIN shake afterall) and the C-Boost is a great early morning coffee replacement.
    While the nutrients are all there, i sometimes wonder is it all too good??? Goodness in excess can be questionable too …. (C-boost carries 1200% of C in a single serving) … What say folks ??

  14. I actually have a bottle of it sitting right by my computer, and it’s pretty full, I’ve only taken a few swallows, but I’m already sad that soon it will be gone. Regular stored here in Hawaii don’t carry this drink, I have to go to the specialty organic, hippie type stores to get it, and I go so often I think they know me there.

  15. Having tasted all of the Bolthouse drinks prior to working in Beverage Line 1 & 2 at Bolthouse Farms, I know first hand that great care and attention to detail with all aspects of the entire process (blending to bottling) are taken seriously and that is what makes our products taste great! Many people here at Bolthouse Farms work hard to provide the freshest quality drinks around. Working from within Bolthouse, I have seen the care that has been put into making our products and I am proud of what we do here. I enjoy working for a company that provides quality products to people around the world.

  16. I got Mango Lemonade at my local Costco, and I agree it was liquid heaven, but they haven’t had it for a while :-(… I cry…

  17. I drink Green Goodness and C Boost every day. Only 8 oz as am wt conscience and info on bottle
    I rotate Perfectly Protein Latte, whey protein and Chai Tea day by day.
    I like immunity benefits and antioxidents that are provided and am estatic about a delicious way to consume protein without eating dead animals.
    The staff and owners are doing a service to us even though it is “pricey”. Please keep quality control up and never disappoint us because people like me love and support what you do! Thank You for making my life better!!!Freda Brooks

  18. I quit smoking about six months ago. As an alterative to smoking (I drank Bolthouses C-Boost, Green Goodness, Blue Goodness, the strawberry/banna, the vedge, and the valencia OJ.) I now drink one per day. My $2,500 cigaratte habit has been transformed into a $2,500 bolthouse habit.

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