Kristian Regale Peach Sparkler

I wasn’t sure what to file this under. Is there a legal distinction between soda and juice, I wonder. Does fruit juice + carbonation always = soda? Or does the presence of fruit juice, no matter the percentage, keep the beverage firmly entrenched in juice territory? An interesting philosophical conundrum, I’m sure you agree. For our purposes today the debate is largely academic, I suppose, given that this isn’t a beverage flying off the shelves and causing mass panic, so we needn’t stress about this review being easily locatable by future generations.

So. Kristian Regale Peach Sparkler is comprised of carbonated water and peach juice. The word “sparkler” got me all wondering if this was going to be a wine cooler at first, you know how I sometimes get. Unfortunately the most interesting factiod turned up by a quick scan of the ingrediments was that this is a Swedish beverage, but a product of Spain. What exactly makes it Swedish then, I wonder. Oh Europe.

The peach juice is operating here in a 25% capacity, so it comes through loud and clear. That much I liked, but I found the carbonation to be fairly heavy, causing me to suffer dearly from a lot of burps. And there was a kind of cumulative weight to the drink, so by the end I was like “Dang am I even going to be able to finish this?” (Spoiler alert I did.)

So in summary, whether or not this counts as juice or soda, to me it tasted pretty much exactly like Clearly Canadian, so I didn’t feel like it was worth the extra import tariff I undoubtedly paid on it, and I probably should have just had the wine cooler I so obviously wanted. But that’s what happens when you are trying to branch out.

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  1. Note that there’s no website linked in this review. Gonzalo said he couldn’t find one. It was his ONE JOB! Worst intern ever.

  2. kfan- it’s called, it’s your blog site, it misses you.
    This juice sounds like crap.

  3. They sell the pear version at Ikea, and while the first sip is good, it’s all downhill from there. I tried mixing it with various types of alcohol, in hopes it would at least make a good mixer, but it failed in every way. Luckily, since it’s from Ikea, it was only, like, 10 cents a bottle or something.

  4. My apologies to you all… But, I LOVE Kristian Regale! It might be my favorite drink ever! The recipes, as I recently found out, originated in Sweden, (as indicated by Swedish Style). Kristian Regale is great with Vodka… and competes with Red Bull as my fav. Love the blogs! Take er easy.

  5. SWEDISH KRISTALL Pear soda is far better than Kristian Regal…I also bought it at IKEA. It tastes much more like pears.

  6. Hello!
    I was able to get your pear sparkler before but cannot find it now. Can you tell me where I might be able to find? I live in the Chesterton, Indiana area with a zip of 46304.

  7. I doubt this goes here but here goes. I have a 5 year old (it was given to me 5 years ago) bottle of Kristian Regale pear apple juice beverage from Sweden. I want to drink it NY Eve at a friends party instead of booze. Is it still good? I can find no info on expiration of such things and there is nothing on the bottle. I called the phone number and left a message. I know its a lot of trouble over a 4 dollar bottle but now I have to know.

  8. Kristian Regale is the best drink I’ve had in a very long time..absolutely love it. Problem is I can only find it once in a while at Big Lots for 60 cents a bottle. Who else carries it? Anybody know? Thanxx.

  9. I love this juice. This guy I dated in 02 got me free samples, since he sampled thier products. Oh Johny, where are you and your juices?

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