Pig Iron Cola

Josh this morning I was trying to figure out what is my favorite Tears For Fears song. I was listening to “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” at the time, which, hello has that song even aged one day? I don’t think so. And then I was remembering how in the band I was in in college, the drummer, every rehearsal, would INSIST that we should do a rockin’ version of that song. And we’d be like Yeah totally, good idea, but no one would ever get around to actually orchestrating it. And I guess, knowing what I know now and wishing I had known it then, if I ever have a time machine (someday!) the one thing I would want to do is go back in time to that crummy-ass basement and darn it we will play that cover version of EWTRTW. Although I would lobby quite strongly that we perform it as a sincere tribute, not an irony-clad rockin’ out cover version. Because god damn. That song.

What does Tears For Fears have to do with Pig Iron Cola, you’re wondering. No idea. Probably nothing! But Pig Iron Cola doesn’t have any kind of website that I can find, and there seems to be absolutely zero information about this product anywhere on the planet aside from that it’s somehow associated with a Seattle BBQ place. And I really liked it, found it totally excellent (real sugar + Pepsi-level sweetness + complete mouth-bite of Coke = best of all 3 worlds), but since they don’t care about marketing or getting information about this product out into the world, I figure we might as well use this space to discuss something that we’re passionate about. ARE YOU WITH ME JOSH ALLEN WATER DRINKER OF AMERICA.

So anyways. I’m sure your favorite T4F song is going to be some deep cut I’m not super familar with, but lay it on me. Everyone else reading this who is down with Orzabal & Co., chime in. Do you know what my favorite one in high school was? You’ll laugh, but it was Badman’s Song. Which also still completely holds up. We used to crank that in Jamie Candiloro’s basement. I love that “Faith can move mountains” part. It’s like spiritual, you know? Which we need more of these days. Well, I do.

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  1. I liked TFF when they were called Simple Minds which I think was way before they split up and started their separate bands, the Pet Shop Boys and Fun Boy Three.

  2. i have no recollection of ever discussing covering EWTRTW, but it was college and, well, who remembers much of anything from college after 11 years?

  3. @senor lounge– It’s seriously all I remember Sam ever talking about. That and how my songs all had terrible names.

  4. Oh I dunno my favorite. “Shout”? “Pale Shelter”? But w/r/t deep cuts what you need to hear is this b-side called “Pharoahs” where they play a chilly dreamy instrumental version of EWTRTW over a dumb beat and a guy reading the shipping report. It’s the best. I’ll dig it up for you.

  5. Clearly the best was when they got ‘funky’ by having Oleta Adams sing with them on ‘Woman in Chains’. I mean, can there be any debate about this?!

  6. @matt in fact there can be debate about this, because K4T is a place where we share our feelings without fear of ridicule. also isn’t that Oleta Adams in the above-referenced video. I mean, are we clashing swords, or are we clashing shields?

  7. Heh, I was just at the Pig Iron last night. I didn’t get the cola but I did see it on the menu…. I got a Shiner Bock instead 😉

  8. I picked up a few bottles of the Pig Iron cola from the Homer Soda Emporium, after reading this review. I really do like it. This stuff is SO sweet, it confused my mouth and almost seemed to start with a fruity flavor and finish mostly like Pepsi. Also, like all colas, the character changed quite a bit over the five minutes I took nurse the bottle as it warmed in my hand from a perfect 33 degrees to something closer to the temperature and general appeal of piss. I’ll have to drink the next bottle more quickly.

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