Pepsi Summer Mix

I know, I know. My special lady friend saw me walking out of the gas station carrying two of these, and she rolled her eyes with a force that just about flipped the car over. Why do you even buy those when you know you’re not going to like them. OK point taken, but still: whatever happened to a little thing called science? I’m sure Marie Curie didn’t want to die of radiation poisoning, but here we all are, totally happy that she did.

I didn’t really know what to make of this one at first. “A mix of tropical fruit flavors.” Oh really? Cool, which ones? No idea. Obviously the list of ingredients is no help. I was vaguely intrigued by the lure of pineapple cola, which if you recall (you don’t) is within the ballpark of the drink I mentioned back here. But the actual flavors are too mushy to pick apart, so what is it I’m supposed to be tasting here? Dragonfruit? Durian? Dengar and Zuckuss? Other?

So fine, another half-assed rebranding effort, give it one star and let’s get back to creaming over Bolthouse Farms or whatever it is we do here.

EXCEPT. Pepsi Summer Mix tastes, as near as I can recall, very much like the late lamented Pepsi Blue. So now I don’t know what to believe. Am I outraged that yet again they’ve blindly thrown a handful of miscellaneous flavors into a cola in an effort to generate buzz? Or am I surprised and delighted that they’re figured out an inventive way to bring back a forgotten favorite– something for the fans and true believers? And I didn’t really love this all that much, so why do I think I miss Pepsi Blue so dearly? Was I just swept up in the craziness of the time, caught unawares by the paradigm shifting insanity of an azure cola? Or, like River Phoenix and Eddie & The Cruisers, did its sudden disappearance cast it prematurely into the pantheon of greatness?

Either way, my world is in disarray. So I guess my advice is: drink this, but only if you want to have your mind blown, but only in a way that you are not sure you totally enjoyed. Like listening to Led Zeppelin backwards, and you hear a CSS work-around for the IE box model bug.

13 thoughts on “Pepsi Summer Mix”

  1. I guess that picture up there is pretty blurry. Sorry guys. Which is better, posting my own, blurry picture, or just stealing one off another site? Who can parse the ethics of the internet, these days.

  2. I think if you’re going to take your own blurry picture, it should at least be funny or cute. Maybe next time you could wear your lederhosen and kiss the bottle, or look tough and throw “the shocker” or something. We could post it on the Bevnet gallery thing.

  3. Yeah but what you guys don’t know is how we keep the pink pink. Ladies only! OK I give it’s cochineal. Oh man I just sold out my whole gender for a sick joke. I’m finally a dude.

  4. There’s a hint of Pepsi Blue, but it’s more cola-y. Also, there’s kind of a touch of Pepsi Spice in it, but it’s much less noxious.

  5. This stuff tastes like you had a bottle of Pepsi and dumped a bag of Skittles into it. Which I was kind of into at first, but then it got to be a bit much.

  6. i can safely say that since i came upon this site that i lack the ability to walk past a new drink in a store without buying the damn thing, no matter how shitty it appears. summer mix tastes like sunscreen and smells like a slutty girl’s bodysplash. i opened this thing in my car and felt like captain of the banana boat.

  7. I still haven’t tried this- I haven’t even seen it anywhere! I just tried Diet Pepsi Max the other day though- and that was pretty good- tastes just like regular, with a huge caffeine kick- I’m sure you’ve already seen their ad campaign- What do you think?

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