Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha

Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha was about as fun to drink as you’d expect, for a beverage that lists “100% pure love!!!” as one of the ingredients. And then: “lactobacillus bacterium: 1 billion* organisms.” And also, this: “Each batch is gently placed in a warm and spiritual environment where the walls are painted purple and spiritual music is played. Though it may sound silly, the most important thing that we do when making our batches is to give them LOTS of love.”

Fine, whatever, I’m not the target demo for this. Supposedly the guy who started this brand was inspired because drinking kombucha cured his mom’s cancer. I am totally down with that, we’ve got heck of cancer in my family and I’m sure that if I ever get it you will find me buying this by the caseload. In the meantime though: eh. It’s just not how I want to spend my time, sucking this down and hoping I don’t get cancer. What kind of life is that. I drink my beverages to forget about the pain of life, not remind me of it. I have you and Coke Zero for that.

*Does that sound rounded-off or what.

7 thoughts on “Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha”

  1. I tried to get through a bottle of the Multi-Green flavor and couldn’t hack it. My body has this thing about rejecting things it feels are spoiled or poisonous, and this just tasted like it had gone bad. And I mean it’s fermented bacteria or whatnot, so what did I expect, but still. I can’t fight instinct.

  2. Did you like the design of the bottle? My original review had a whole 3rd paragraph dedicated to how you would like this drink because it looks like it is from the makers of McSweeney’s.

  3. I don’t know, I have some friends who say there are a couple good songs on that album. I haven’t heard it. That was during my Prince phase, IIRC.

  4. In the trendy beach communities like Laguna Beach, they can’t make the stuff ast enough to keep the shelves stocked. Consider that it retails at $3+ a bottle. Then make fun of it as the small regional brewer/bottler laughs all the way to the bank with no competition whatsoever.
    Its taste is a little sour, but the Ginger definately takes the edge off of the pucker, so its quite plasant tasting in a very different direction than any other beverage.
    Its a little bit addictive somehow, which would explain the supply chain difficulties Synnergy keeps encountering.

  5. Well, I’ve read a few reviews on it. I’m always trying to take on probiotics and avoid artificial sweeteners due to the carcinogens and real sugar because I need to lose weight, so it’s been a battle trying to find the perfect beverage outside of water that will give me energy…green tea works, however, Kombucha offers the probiotics and the energy. I actually really like the Synergy brand with the gingerberry, guava, or trilogy flavorings. At first I was REPULSED, it reminded me of bad beer or something, but you get used to it, infact you start craving it after a time. Since it has no addictive ingredients, I assume that this is my body craving whatever it derives from this drink. I recommend it, although the flavour might not be thirst quenching, I am curious to see the health benefits after a period of consuming this. If your body could survive on three things it would be chlorophyll, probiotics and water…trust me I’m married to a holistic health practitioner and this is the mainstay of our lifestyle…protein is also important for which I can recommend some other good products….I’m on a quest to find the top 5 products I should consume on a daily basis along with water in order to obtain optimum health and wellness, so far I’ve got about 4.. Synergy Kombucha, Bio-K Dairy-Free Acidophilus, World Organics Chlorophyll, High Lignin, Organic Cold Pressed Flax Oil, Coromega-3 now I just need one amazing multi-vitamin/whole foods green drink that has everything I need and no weird sweeteners…one that seems at first glance pretty amazing and I am just starting this week is Nature’s Plus Source of Life Energy Blast– this stuff is packed with a “LOAD” of stuff….seriously. Also, if you need the extra protein pick-me-up during a long day, try Isopure drinks with over 40g protein per bottle!!! That’s more than 2 servings of meat worth of protein. Everyone has to have different reasons for consuming certain things…Kombucha is not a pretty drink, it’s not exactly tasty or thirst quenching, but if you’re not looking for that, it’s good for your daily routine. After all, what can it hurt???

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