Kagome Orange Carrot Blossom

A perennial favorite, and probably my preferred breakfast juice. It always tastes fresh, in a way that supermarket orange juice never does. But it also has a more complex flavor, such that while drinking it a person might be inclined to dig around for a monocle and phrases like “aromatics” and “tongue map.”

It’s filled with all kinds of vegetables I would never put in my body otherwise. Watercress? Beets? These are not things that fit within my cognitive schema and I probably could not pick them out of a produce section line-up. But even so, drinking Kagome doesn’t make me feel like I’m being healthy against my will. It’s sweet and tastes like an actual juice, not some scientific health concoction. Presumably I’m getting my RDA of something or other, maybe even teasing my colon back to life, but that’s all happening in the background while I’m just enjoying my beverage. I can feel good about it without really having to care too much. Sort of my approach to parenting and charitable giving. If only the rest of my life could go as smoothly.

2 thoughts on “Kagome Orange Carrot Blossom”

  1. I had a Kagome fruit drink, some dark purple variety, and you know how they press grapes into wine? It tasted like the the stuff left over, with an aftertaste like sweaty French feet.

  2. i love orange juice.
    i love carrot juice.
    but i did not like this juice.
    almost a haiku.

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