Jarritos Tamarindo

Josh. Like you, I have been searching long and lean for a good tamarind soda. A lot of the tamarind sodas on the market today, they skimp on the tamarind flavor. I’ll just say it. The global tamarind beverage syndicate doesn’t want to hear it, but I will say it. The products they deliver are at best tamarind-esque. My saying this could get us shut down, I don’t know. But the people’s voice will be heard, and the people’s voice is saying Seriously is there even one good tamarind soda, having maximum tamarind flavor, available at a price that is not excessively tariff’d?

OK fine I have no clue what a tamarind is or what it tastes like. But who cares. You think I would ever let the facts stop me from achieving pure enjoyment? I was expecting this to taste like, what, Rutabaga Cola or something, but it was not at all like that. It tasted like sweet tea soda and I liked it.

5 thoughts on “Jarritos Tamarindo”

  1. I believe a tamarind is a small prosimian (think primate) similar to a lemur. They are delicious grilled, breaded and deep fried, and apparently, sipped.

  2. Snapped a great pic of the drink.
    This flavor is (by far) my favorite drink available from Jarritos.

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