K4T vs Austin: Day One

Josh as I think I mentioned on more than one occasion, I am in Austin, TX this week, sampling the local flavor. Or trying to, anyway. When I first arrived downtown last night I was like “OMG a city full of homeless people!!!” but it turns out that’s just how everyone dresses here. Anyways last night I mostly only drank beer, in order to get acclimated to the temperature change. This morning I went to the corner five-and-dime to see what beverages were proffered, but it was pretty much all Coke and Pepsi products. 🙁 Although it was neat to see Jarritos right next to the Dr Pepper. But so that plan went busto and then I found a Jamba Juice while walking around and got something called a Peenya Kowlada. It was exactly as bad as the name implies. I guess truth in advertising is alive and well in Austin. Anyways I’ll keep looking around for something interesting and hopefully update you more later. I hope you’re doing OK. Have we been getting a lot of spam comments?

4 thoughts on “K4T vs Austin: Day One”

  1. I used to be a Jamba Juice junkie back in Cali, but haven’t lived near one again until now. I stuck my head in there last night to see if they still made you say embarrassing names when ordering their products and it looks like they do. I can’t fathom how you’d select the pina colada. That would literally be the last one on the menu I’d go with. Back in the day I’d typically opt for Peach Pleasure or Boysenberry Bliss (which they’ve phased out, looks like).
    Do they still have the little shots of bonus health stuff they can pour in? And you have to choose which kind of health you’d like? And I usually got the one that kept you regular, and which I was also embarrassed to order? I want to say it was called Bowel Boost but surely that can’t be right.

  2. You know I’m not very good at making decisions when I have a lot of options to choose from. (cf. Out of everyone on the internet I picked you to do this site with.)

  3. Welcome to Austin! If I’d known you were coming I would’ve cleaned up a little. The requisite Austin drinks are: Shiner Bock, Mexican martini (limit 2), agua fresca at Las Manitas or Chango’s or La Palatera or any non-whitey Mexican food place.
    While I’m here, may I suggest a supermarket mineral water challenge? Topo Chico vs. Jarritos vs. La Croix vs. ??? Now I will check the archives to see if I am foolishly suggesting something that is totally played out.

  4. Also to check out: spicy (chile powder!), sour-orange margaritas and El Chile on Manor Road. I know this sounds fruity or unmanly or whatever (or are you the effete one?) but go there and try it. Unbelievable. (The food is even better than the drinks though.)

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