Boston Beverage Recap

OK I am back from my trip to Boston. Good job on updating the site once while I was away, you exceeded my expectations by exactly 100%.

I had hoped to discover all kinds of new juices and sodas while I was over there, but to be honest I mostly only drank beer. Taste-wise it was all fine.

I did have some kind of fruity icy tea concoction from Starbucks, on a day when it was about 120 degrees celcius and armpit-to-armpit with no air conditioning on the Green Line. The tea hit the spot, but at that point I would have drinken any mixture of bodily fluids, provided they were served in smoothie format.

2 thoughts on “Boston Beverage Recap”

  1. I live in Boston and let me tell you, it ain’t the beverage haven that you were hoping for. I understand the logic: I mean, Nantucket Nectars is from Massachussetts, and that’s just a little island with nothing to do on it. If the setting of the hit TV show Wings has outrageaux potables imagine only what the setting of Ally McBeal must offer.
    And there are some pretty good beverages available. But walking down Newbury Street your best hope is a Starbucks, or if you really want the Boston cred, you go Dunkies every time.
    Had you consulted me, I could have sent you to The Other Side Cosmic Cafe for the best Raspberry Lime Rickey in Boston, Emack and Bolio’s for the best smoothies in Boston (they make your piddling Starbucks look like regurgitated bird feed in comparison), Chansky’s for microbrewed soda. At the very least you should have sampled some of the local beers which range from Brubaker’s (at $2 for a 20-ounce bottle it tastes like Heaven) to Sammy A. There are several bars that have notable beer selections up in the range of 200 beers to choose from, and while I know that this isn’t an alcoholic site per se, you DID review that premium malt beverage stuff once.
    But then again, you wouldn’t have consulted me because you don’t know me.

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