Silk Live! Mango Smoothie

No idea how to pronounce the second word this one. In my quiet moments I cradle the bottle like a helpless infant in my hands and say things like “Silk!…Live, damn you!” Like in an exasperated Charlton Heston voice. And pronouncing it with a short “i.” Ah fuck, humor about heteronyms is basically impossible on the internet. In any browser.

Anyhooters. Did we ever talk at all about that homemade smoothie kick I was on a while back? Dogg I was getting straight ill, like on the mad scientist tip, with the frozen strawberries and the fruit juices and the yogurt and the what-not. I mean just allowing myself space to be creative, you know? I had one of them hand-held blenders (The Masturbatron 3000, if you want to look it up. Although maybe that was just the name I invented for it.) and I would just go at it, first thing every morning. It was probably the happiest I’ve ever been, except for those two months when you forgot to post anything here. But all dreams end, I suppose; turns out my blender was not dishwasher safe, and I’ve been too lazy to get a new one. Like the moment had passed and I had to mourn it on a subconscious level.

A friend, who perhaps knew of my sad story, recommended this here bev to me, and I have to say: Not bad. It was very yogurty, which I liked. My problem with a lot of OTC smoothies is they taste too thin and juice-y or have a weird graininess to them. And my problem with a lot of soy products is that they taste, you know, like soy. Which is not an awesome flavor. So I was pleased here. It’s very simple, like vanilla yogurt with some mango, and the viscosity dial set right to “Smoothie-ish.” Plus! Dairy-free! Colons of the world: stand up and testify to the gospel which I am preaching.

Basically I can see adding this to my morning routine. Wake up, spend 45 minutes in bathroom, pin a fresh picture of you to my dartboard, drink Silk Live, wonder how to pronounce it.

9 thoughts on “Silk Live! Mango Smoothie”

  1. Well, what a relief to have at least merited 3.5 stars! The shame of my recommendation doing a 2 star would have stayed with me until… well, I guess I wouldn’t have publicly acknowledged my endorsement.
    Anyway, I don’t know if I’ve even tried the mango kind — I doubt it, as I don’t really care for mango flavor. No, I think I’ve had raspberry (my favorite), strawberry, peach, and blueberry. All of which are good. Or, in kfan parlance, “not bad.”

  2. i know this is off topic, not being about a beverage and all, but if want a non-dairy ice cream, Soy Delicious is the best. Actually, I think they recently changed their name to So Delicious to get those customers who would’ve otherwise been turned off by the Soy thing.
    They have a gourmet label called Purely Decadent that has some really good flavors.

  3. “No idea how to pronounce the second word this one.”
    I like it. It’s brave. Creative, even. Just leave out words in your sentence to give the reader the option to draw their own conclusions. Make ’em work for it, that’s what I say.

  4. Not one of those photos is of the Josh Allen I know so I tried searching on “Fireland” and though I still didn’t find any photos of the man I call “My Best Internet Buddy, Ever”, I did find that he has finally made it in the literary world. A heavy metal band has taken the name of one of his creations and if that doesn’t mean you’ve made it then somebody needs to wake up Herman Hesse and tell him he’s an utter failure.

  5. It seems clear to me that it’s supposed to be pronounced with a long i, as in, “Live from New York, it’s Silk!” Or, “Silk Comes a-Live!” You know. Because this is not some pretaped smoothie bullshit you’re drinking.

  6. Actually I think the title is related to the live yogurt cultures that provide the flavor*. But that is such a weird thing for their marketing dept to do (“Hey let’s name this product after some enzymes!”) that my brain refuses to even accept it.
    (*Hat tip to Matt 5500 for pointing that out.)

  7. The next step, Mr Fanning, is to review the obvious counterpart to a prepackaged smoothie, a prepackaged milkshake (See: Ben & Jerry’s). Um prepare your colon (what’s wrong w/ your colon?).

  8. Would one of you gentlement test the new “plumstart” juice that i see announced on TV, that has fiber to keep you regular? Maybe we all need to start taking it, on account of our getting older and all that soda.

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