V8 V.Fusion Peach Mango

A while back you had this short-lived but steamy affair with some V8 product and I thought maybe it was the V.Fusion here. (No seriously somebody approved the name “V.Fusion.” That is not a typo.) You were basically jumping up and down and flapping your hands all excitedly, saying “omigod omigod omigod”? Remember?

Anyway I don’t know if it was this stuff or not (maybe it was Splash?) but I decided to pick up a bottle because it was time to get back to the juice. You know. No more soda. No more lies. The real deal. It keeps me sharp [snaps fingers], on the edge [snaps fingers], where I gotta be.

But believe you me I cracked open this stuff with extreme prejudice. V.Fusion [sic] is a fruit and vegetable combo plate, OK? Sure it makes the fruit the hero on the label, but they sneak in — and I am not even kidding — sweet potato, yellow tomatoes (?!), and squash.

Sometimes I try to sell myself on the whole drink-your-vegetables concept, and I pick up the regular V8 and think: You know, this is going to be fine. No, this is good, this is good. This is the start of a whole new me. This is definitely the best way to get tomato and watercress and 2000% of my daily sodium needs in liquid format. And then I take one sip and make a big show of gagging and choking and then scramble around dramatically for the worst vodka ever to mix it with.

So I was all ready to start my shenanigans when I tried the Peach Mango iteration of V.Fusion, but what ho it went down nice and smooth. And although I feel like I semi-detected a smidge of vegetable flavor (or maybe just texture) in there, I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t known the ingredients beforehand. It just tasted like your standard multi-fruit juice blend, nothing fancy but a refreshing enough orange-ish mango-esque flavor. EXCEPT! A full serving of vegetables totally snuck into my body, ninja-style! I like tricking my body this way. My body deserves it after all the shit it’s pulled over the years.

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  1. Man this is like a banner day for me. 1) Proof that what I say to you actually sticks in your head and makes some kind of impact, and 2) Yet another example of a case where I was right and you were wrong.
    But yes, this is the shizz I was yelling about. I like it. The Tropical Orange is maybe a little better for me than the Peach Mango, but still, no complaints. Healthy as fuck. You drink some and feel like maybe you could do a push-up, or even a chin-up. But you don’t.

  2. The flavor to water ratio is nice, too. It doesn’t slap you with peachy paws. It’s more like butterfly kisses of sweetness on your eyelids with a peck of tart on your nose, so as to remind you that it’s sassy and liberated and not to be taken for granted.

  3. Fusion contains negible amounts of fiber and a daily 2000 caliore diet is 25 grams. What happen to the fiber.?

  4. the fiber gets juiced out, unfortunatley. it does a fair amount of sodium, though, so i wonder if it’s better or worse than not having it and enough fruits/veggies. that’s why i’m out on the web to find out and why i found this page. thanks. btw, i found out what sodium really tasted like the day i switched from V-8 to Low Sodium V-8.

  5. DId anyone notice that the v-fusion contains a s*** load of sugar??? I liked the strawberry banana one but I almost gagged when I read that it contains 38 grams of sugar which for a normal human being is a full days supply. It’s like putting 10 little packets of sugar into the bottle!!! I’ll stick with salads for my veggies.

  6. Mind you the sugar isn’t as bad as 10 packets of refined sugar, dont worry about it, enjoy something good tasting that good for you, just dont inhale 10 bottles a day or anything.

  7. they just came out with v.fusion light! yay, only 50 cal and about half the sugar! i love this stuff 🙂

  8. i tried both the tropical orange and the strawberry banana and i was actually surprised how good it tastes. but is anybody else skeptical about getting a full serving of both fruits and vegetables in a juice?

  9. As someone with food allergies to fresh veggies, this juice works wonders. I’m getting my daily requirements, without the allergic side effects. I was pleasantly surprised with the full feeling with just a small 12 oz glass. Great stuff.

  10. this is not available in canada i have been looking for it for a while and could not find it. i got in in pennslyviana you may be able to get it at the walmart in watertown. but it is a great juice and i would take the lable and ask the store to order it in canada. it is made by campbell soup company.

  11. Or you could opt to not be a lazy sass and go buy your own fruits and veg and whorl em down in your own blender. If you have allergies you can still do the same and remove yourself from the pool.

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