Mr Coco Agua de Coco

OK now. This is what I was thinking of when I drank this. What you always hope and dream coconut juice will taste like, rather than what it actually does taste like. Yet again, Man — donning the mighty toolbelt of science — has completed the work that nature/God/whatever was unwilling or unable to do.

Similar to the aforementioned disappointment, Aqua de Coco is the juice of green coconuts. But unlike said trainwreck of poor judgement and botched brewery, Mr Coco added more water (to make it less mucousy), and more sugar (to make it actually good). It’s the recipe for instant palatability, time-honored.

I don’t know where you fall on the chewy-bits-in-drinks issue, which I guess can be a fairly hot-button topic in some sectors. Wikipedia says it’s actually the reason they got heck of problems in the Middle East. Therefore be advised that Mr Coco comes supplied with fairly sizeable coconut chunks. For me it was like a little taste of the tropics, without having to deal with such things as sand in my crotch and communicable diseases that I assumed had been eradicated decades ago.

Overall it was pretty good, but I don’t see a lot of replay value. I mean how often does coconut juice come up on your wheel of moods? But maybe with a splash of pineapple in there? And a couple fingers of Hpnotiq? Some crushed ice, a little umbrella? A nice tropical sunset in the background? Some attentive and buxom local girls who are up to date on their vaccinations? Wait, what were we talking about.

8 thoughts on “Mr Coco Agua de Coco”

  1. When I think of chewy bits in liquid I can’t help but think of bubble tea. What’s your stance on the scandal that is tapioca beads?

  2. Gosh, the chunks … I dunno. I got suckered into going to a Filipino place for a beverage recently, and the only thing that sounded drinkable was the Coconut Juice. I was handed my can & directed to the straw dispenser. The juice tasted mildly of too sweet coconut with the unpleasant viscosity of saliva … and of course the mildly traumatizing chunks of coco pith. Had it been cold and not merely cool, I might have enjoyed this drink more. Maybe Mr. Coco is nicer, but I don’t anticipate ever wanting to find out.

  3. This might be ok with crushed ice, milk, and a heap o’ vodka. Substitute Haagen Daaz Vanilla for the milk and I’m sold. But what do I know – I hate coconut.

  4. Did you guys know that coconut water is the new Gatorade ?
    You can find it in fancy markets in fancy juice-boxes with ‘electrolytes’ printed all over.

  5. The coconut water from young, green coconuts is the best sport drink you can find. Less sugar than Gatorade, more fibers, plenty of potassium and other minerals, and 100% natural. just check that there is nothing added to the natural juice, you’ll like it, ice-cold.

  6. Coconut milk is very popular here in China. I think they take coconut juice, and add in some liquified coconut pulp to give you a “nectar” style concoction. DELICIOUS.

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