Haitai Bon Bon


Do you even want me to finish this review? As soon as you saw the words “with sac” you were running for your car, tongue a-waggle, wallet in hand. Admit it.

It’s not like you think though.

This is a Korean drink comprised basically of just orange juice with extra sugar. The “sac” refers to the orange pulp sacks with are heavily-laden herein. This is a drink that involves having a lot of little soft things floating around in your mouth, and you are trying to chase them down and chew them. It’s what we in the biz call a “novelty beverage.” Sadly the novelty wears off long before you’re done picking sac from your teeth.

Also it caused my tongue to have that electric acid buzz going for a good 30 minutes after I’d finish the drink. Frankly that’s a hassle I don’t need. I have enough trouble finding things to do with my tongue, like I need to be taken completely out of the game like that? Forget it.

So although I’m not a person who will usually turn down an offer of lots of sac, lots of pulp is a completely separate thing. Pass.

2 thoughts on “Haitai Bon Bon”

  1. If you want a real taste sensation, try Sac Sac instead! It’s the same concept, only with grapes, so it’s like drinking supersweetened grape juice that somebody blew their nose into. I buy it by the box.

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