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When we relaunched K4T a friend of mine emailed to say I had to try Vitamin Water, it’s like her favorite OMG. So the other day at the supermarket I saw them and there’s like 90 flavors, so I just picked this one. Then I emailed her the next day and said I got the orange one, anything I need to know before I try it, aren’t you glad I took your suggestion, etc. And she said Ew gross that kind sucks, and actually most of them are pretty bad except for X and X. Hey thanks for the tip, friend!

McDonald’s-brand Orange Drink, circa 1982, but with a more retarded title. Like I give a shit that it has calcium in it; what am I, your mom?

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  1. OUCH.
    vitamin water power C (the bright pink one) is a miracle beverage. it’s like gatorade if gatorade cured hangovers, didn’t make you want to vomit, and didn’t have those terribly stupid and disturbing ads with people sweating bright blue.
    i also enjoy multi-v (light yellow) and defense (burgundy). the orange ones are definitely the lamest. hey, it’s not my fault you can’t pick ’em. i’m surprised you didn’t go for formula-50, for which 50 cent is the spokesperson.

  2. i’m a big fan of the purple-ish one (revive? something like that. it has potassium/electrolytes in it). it’s helpful for when i’ve engaged in Sweaty Exercise and i’m not motivated enough to drink actual plain water.

  3. the best one is Formula 50, hands down. It’s got 50% of your daily everything and was created specifically for 50 cent, though it is not advertised anywhere on the bottle (which is something I appreciate). It’s purple, very sweet, and delicious. It makes me feel like half a million dollars. Opt for the smaller bottle — they make one that’s sort of jumbo sized and it’s too much sweet. Makes my teeth squeaky. but the regular size is perfect. Anytime I’m hungover, tired, or feel like taking a few in the flak jacket, it’s my bev of choice.

  4. man, orange drink was my preferred beverage at mcdonalds for ages, until they switched to Hi-C. i recently tried the 50 Cent Grape variety. tasted like welch’s on steroids. like there was some real grapiness trying to escape, but completely overwhelmed by sugar.

  5. Orange Vitamin Water is the best beverage ever made. Your taste buds must be shot dead from all the bug juice you’ve ingested in your life.

  6. I was really happy to read this because I was drinking the beverage in question just as a I came upon the review, which means there is a happy meta-universe out there. The taste of the Orange Vitamin-Water is eh, but the miracles it does for the day-afters is A++++. I started this morning with a headache and a desire for dying, and now I am superfine.

  7. Since this review came out I have tried almost all of the varieties, and once I realized that something that tastes like watered-down Kool-Aid has its place, I’ve been happy to pick one up when looking for straight-up, no-joke hydration. I’ve tried the diluted lemonade, diluted orange soda, diluted grape drink, and diluted fruit punch and they all have something to recommend them. And I like how they just call a spade a spade and market themselves as hangover-helpers.

  8. No hangover would be survived without a Vitamin Water. And i have to drive to the states to get it!!

  9. i LOVE almost every Vitamin Water that i’ve tried. i’d have to say my favorite is the “diluted lemonade” but i also enjoy the orange, and Kelly Clarkson endorced Vitamin Waters. They just make me feel good all the way around!

  10. I have tasted all types of gatorades,powerades and the like and I feel that the Essential(orange)is not only the lightest ,best tasting but healthiest drink out there.The little bottles are just the right size to quench one’s thirst.Way to go guys!

  11. the best is definitly yellow but what i want to know is what flavor sells the best … i dont like yellow as a color and it was one of the last flavors i tried but it turned out to be the best by far. also good ones : relax(guava), xxx(blueberry), green tea, lemon tea, dragonfruit, and strawberry kiwi and fruit punch. grapefruit-cranberry, rasberry-apple and grape(50 cent) are not so bad but not great and lemonade(multi-v) and orange are both horrible sorry and its much worse because orange is a pretty reliable flavor, its almost always good i guess its easy to make good orange flavor stuff or something, but this was a failure
    also f y i maybe one day a good immitation or improvement will come along but for now this OSHWeGO company or something (with a incredibly lame comment on the bottle about 10% organic or something aimed to attract the inner neo-hippie of the thirsty man) has immitation vitamin water with a similar bottle and similar but less vitamins and flavors that sound innocent (blueberry tea and orange tangerine and strawberry kiwi) but these drinks are all horrible and disgusting blueberry has some acid burning my throat and tasted just like dirt from the garden my grandma had in jersey many years ago, tangerine – orange worse than vitaminwaters version – very dirt-like and strawberry kiwi tasted like the worst part of a watermelon rind with some kiwi nastyness added to it definitly a waste of marketting thats all folks

  12. I Love Vitamin Water!!! It is so much better that gatorade because it doesn’t taste super sugary and heavy. It is light and it has awesome and unique flavors. My favorites are defense and essential! It does wonders in hydration after long practices and it tastes so good. YUM!

  13. This product has crystaline fructose in it which has traces of lead in it. Along with arsanic–however you spell that…
    No thanks.
    Used to love it. Now I hate it and avoid it like cancer.

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