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Sencha Shot is an unsweetened green tea, but unlike most teas it comes in a small aluminum can. Small aluminum can always says to me “Hello, I am an energy drink!” So I nabbed this all excited for a new fusion of unsweetened tea-slash-energy drink. What a thrilling new foray into uncharted beverage territory, etc. Why am I such a dreamer? When will I get my damn head out of the clouds for once. The small aluminum can was just a red herring. It comes in a small can because 6.4 fl. oz.’s is the absolute maximum amount of this fluid a human stomach could ever hope to bear.

I always like to take a sniff of the beverage before the first taste. I know it’s cliche, but my goodness this smelled exactly like someone’s gross feet! Just very strong and repugnant, like someone drew a mustache on me with a used, unlaundered sweat sock. The Dirty Gym Coach, we call that one.

Tastewise, the foot metaphor is made whole. It’s actually just super-concentrated green tea flavor, which I’m told is the whole point of sencha, and which–if the internet is to be believed–is a popular (or at least common) way to take one’s tea in Japan. It’s an aquired taste, but why would anyone market a drink that’s an acquired taste? Isn’t a quick ramp-up time in the taste cultivation department sort of a primary criterion for business success? I don’t know how they do things in Japan but that’s my understanding of how things work in the U of S.

The language on the can talks of this concentrated flavor making it more healthy for the consumer, but I ask you, Josh: At what cost higher content of catechin antioxidants?

I drank about half the can, (not very much, given the small serving size) before my tongue staged a walkout. She’s mad at me now and I guess I will have to buy her some ice cream so we can be friends again. Yes my tongue is female, so what.

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  1. BTW, It is a steel can and the taste comes from it being double-brewed. Due to the high antioxidant content, numerous studies suggest that green tea potentially: Boosts the immune system, Maintains healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range, Maintains healthy blood pressure and blood sugar within a normal range, Promotes cardiovascular health and Boosts metabolism.
    So instead of you not-so-healthy energy drinks…I would give tea a try. Before you decide to give your opinion, which is very bad one, you should do some research on the products.

  2. Personally I Love the tea —- I do not smell it and I poured it into a glass of ice before drinking it down in one large glup. Picked up a couple at the new Whole Foods in Duluth GA this weekend. Just wanted to find out more about it before ordering a case of it online. I found that it curbed my appetite – anyone else???

  3. The tea is kind of strong but it’s double brewed and packed with powerful antioxidants. I find it to be a great energy kick – especially after a tough workout. Besides “energy drinks” that have enough chemicals to stop your heart in its tracks are also packed with sugar and calories that this thankfully lacks. An aquired taste? Perhaps. I say, if you’re going to take shots during the day … may as well be good for you.

  4. I too thinks this stuff tastes like ass. However that is not why I’ve decided to pipe in. I drank this and less than 24 hours later I have a fever, stomach cramps and I’m peeing out of my ass. My can has a date of 5/24/07 if that has any relevence…
    Beware, I’d drink a third of this stuff and wait 24 hours to see if you are okay.
    Good night, and good luck.

  5. This stuff is fantastic. I was skeptical at first, but I didn’t smell it (not that bad….relax) and I was hooked on the first can. I drink three a day…I don’t know how healthy that is, but it doesn’t seem to have killed me. And it’s pure health. Drink a Red Bull, put 50 unknown ingredients in your body; drink a Sencha, and its 3 ingredients are pretty familiar. I’m not sure if you read labels, but it’s 140% Vitamin C in Daily Values. Wow. Not to mention 0 calories. Considering 1/3 of the population in the “U.S. of A” is overweight (probably from crap like Red Bull), I should hope that some people here appreciate raw tea in a can.
    Will, it really isn’t that bad… did you backwash?

  6. Just tried a can of this Sencha. I didn’t care for the taste right out of the can. It was bordering on bitter. So, I poured it into a glass with a little bit of honey. It was much more palatable that way. I didn’t have any ice but that would have helped too. Not sure if I’ll try it again or not.

  7. I was skeptical as well but I’ve developed a taste for Sencha tea. Not only have I developed the taste but also I’ve been losing weight I’ve noticed. I’ve been drinking this tea for about a month and I feel great.
    The secret…I drink 1 can in the morning before I get to work and drink coffee at work for the caffeine. Apparently, EGCG needs caffeine to work effectively in order to speed metabolism.
    My point of view only. Works for me; try at your own risk.

  8. I got used to fresh brewed green tea a few years back and i saw this in the store and picked it up. I cant get enough! I love the taste because I dont like anything sweetened or “manufactured”.

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