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Inca Kola (“The Golden Kola”) is like no kind of cola I ever had, but don’t let that deter you. It’s from Peru (where it’s more popular than Coke) and if history has taught us nothing else, it’s taught us that 27 million Peruvians are rarely, if ever, wrong.

It’s very sweet, which always wins points with me, with a very bubbly, light consistency. It smells like bubble gum, but tastes more like pineapple. Well, like a pineapple bubble gum, maybe.

I keep staring at that sentence, trying to think of a way to describe it that would actually sound appealing to anyone. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s much better than it sounds.

The Inca Kola entry on Wikipedia is a must-read, detailing how when Peruvians took the Pepsi Challenge, it basically ruined any chance Pepsi ever had of ever establishing a foothold there. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a tale of a corporation becoming hoist on its own petard.

I dinged Inca slightly for the high fructose corn syrup, but otherwise, no complaints. I downed the can in no time flat and was despondent when it was over. I would love to see this more often in the states–it would easily become one of my regulars. I wonder if the Pepsi corporation is spending millions in Washington each year, lobbying Congress to bar Inca Kola execs from ever entering the country. Their ass is still sore from that last paddling, I imagine.

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  1. That flavor sounds so ridiculously awful it’s almost like you sat there for a while and tried to think of the most loathesome thing ever. Plus it looks like pee. But w/e I’ll take your word for it, though I’m wondering where exactly one can purchase this product?

  2. I knew you were going to raise a fuss. Here, this article says the flavor is based on “an Andean flowering plant called Hierba Luisa.” Is that better?
    It is freaking good and that’s all I care about and you would like it if you would just shut up for 11 seconds and try it.
    I found this fine bev at the local international cheeses and crackers store.

  3. The Inca Cola distributor is right near my house. I had a friend who used to say, “Inca Cola is the only cola that makes go Mmmmm”. Anyway, point is, if you want it and can’t get it, drop me an e-mail and I could slide it along.

  4. It is alot like Cola Champagne, and Cola Champagne has always had a sort of romantic sound to it. I have to say, despite the similarities, Inca Cola is a little better than Good’O or Goya Cola Champagne.

  5. I didn’t even know that you could get Inca Cola in the States. I had it in Peru, and I did not dig– kfan is right in that it tastes exactly like pineapple bubble gum. And it is so sweet that it makes your teeth feel like they are rotting in your mouth.
    Interestingly, everything in Peru is “Inca-” something. I rode a train in “Inca-Class” and I’m not going back, baby!

  6. this stuff is the best, so far my fav drink i come from Peru
    so i am used to drinkin it all the time. u can find it at publix usually
    but at the publix near me they sometimes run out. a/w this is the one of the best drinks i’ve ever had.

  7. for those who claimed that inca kola taste like Cola Champagne or Good’O, let me tell ya that this brand has existed since 1910. Plus, i’d like to know what the components for Cola Champagne or Good’O are. I can assure you it’s just a mixture of chemical components. Inca kola’s flavor is based on “hierba luisa” a flower that grows in the whole country. So, investigate a little bit more before making a statement or shut up. Thank you

  8. Ok…Inca cola taste nothing like “Bubble gum” I drank that stuff for years, and it the best. Is it possible to purchase it in Costa RIca???

  9. I have been visiting Peru since 2000. Once they convinced us to try Inca Kola, we drank nothing else. When we first tried it we both said that it tasted like the old bazooka joe bubble gum. I had a source for it here in Denver, CO, but it closed down. Looking for another source close by.

  10. I found it at a gas station along Interstate 66 in Virginia (in the town of Marshall, to be specific).
    It just jumped out at me from the shelf, so I invested $2 in a 2-liter.

  11. I just returned from a month in Peru, and I am addicted to Inca Kola. I loved it from the very first sip, and drank it at every opportunity. I live in Arizona, and I have not found it here. However, I found it at and it can be shipped anywhere. Unfortunately, the shipping costs are ridiculous since it’s so heavy but at least it’s possible to get some in the States!

  12. Well im peruvian, in here the base slogan its : “It goes with everything”, and actually seems its does coz ppl here eat it along with a variety of meals salty, spicy, etc; but since its so sweet doesnt seem reasonable i guess we just drink it coz we are so used to it, personally i like it but its not that cheap, as it the first selling in Peru with coca cola, back in 1999 coca cola bought 50% of the inca cola plus the rights out side Peru, but its now 2007 and i havent seen that coke has taken any interest in advertising it on USA, seems more than since it sells more in Peru they just bought it to prevent potentially dangerous competece in the future, at the end cash >flavor.

  13. uff I just tried some of the stuff here in peru, bubble gummy sugary taste and the 2 liter really lacked carbonation, I couldnt finish the bottle. Well its either that or coke, i guess ill take the malted battery acid over the pineapple bazooka joe…

  14. This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  15. I really enjoyed the flavour of Inca Kola. Its one of the best sodas I have tasted in my life. I would recommend it.

  16. This is one of the best drinks that I have ever had. Not only is it amazing, you end up craving it. It is addicting. Anyone who does not attempt to try it is truly missing out!

  17. I was in Peru in 2006 and fell in love with Inca Cola Light. It’s like drinking a banana popsicle. The “regular” is available at several Mexican grocery stores in the Southern CA area. In fact, there is a distributor in this area too. If any has a location for getting Inca Cola Light – please post it!

  18. I have tried this drink its awesome (ps. im not sponsering or incouraging u to drink it) but it seems to me to have a challenge of taste with Docter pepper and sprite, it is found in publix and some south american stores.

  19. Inca Kola flavor is made from a plant called hierba luisa from Peru. Peru is the only country where Coca Cola is the second place. Everybody loves Inca Kola… You can get it now in any Latino Grocery all over US

  20. Yeah! Charito 😉
    Inca Kola has so bad taste that Coca Cola Perú has bought it two or three years ago… and now produces it, delivers it and exports it…
    Goob bye big eggx… ¬¬

  21. I’m peruvian & i’ve drank inca kola my whole life. I must say that everyone who i’ve had taste it has said its good & its addicting maybe its the hierba buena He,he,he. Coca cola is a good soda too but come on, they bought 50% of inca kola so they could tame the competition. Either way inca kola is the best soda i’ve ever tasted.

  22. My friend and I visited Peru last August. I found Inca Kola a bit too sweet for me but my friend got hooked on it. I’d like to buy some as a surprise gift for her for Christmas or something. Does anyone know where it may be sold in northern CA or around the central coast CA? The shipping prices for mexgrocer are crazy.

  23. Inka Kola is old now in Virginia at Shoppers, Giants and all the latinos groceries stores in Fairfax, Prince William.
    It is very hard to describe the taste. But it is better tha Coca Cola is for sure. In Peru,Coca Cola did their best to beat Inka Kola but they could not.
    Inka Kola is yellow. bright yellow . So i guess it not for very attractive for a typical-square-minded person who is only used to regular coke and hamburguers.
    to try Sushi, Ceviche, Thai food, Vietnamese soup, Menudo, Lomo saltado or even huevos rancheros you have to be open minded to try different flavors.If you are not, get taco bell and regular coke.

  24. Anyone who has tried Inca kola not only in the states but also in Peru knows that the Inca Kola here doesn’t come as close as the Real Inca Kola in Peru. The best part of it you can drink it room temperature and its the best!! Unlike the soft drinks here after a while you get a tummy ache! lol But its still a great Soda!

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