Izze Sparkling Grapefruit

I like things that emit the scent of grapefruit. It’s a very clean aroma. You know I have that thing about washing my hands. Too bad there isn’t a soda made from eucalyptus, which actually has very cleansing properties. Oh man, can you imagine if my two obsessions, soda and cleanliness, were somehow combined. Total sigh. Anyways what was I talking about.

The first thing I did when I picked up Izze’s Sparkling Grapefruit was check the ingredients for cochineal. You cannot be too careful with the pink- and red-tinged drinks. Izze came up negatory for fused ganglia: +1. Actually, things just kept getting better. The ingredients are all natural, which I love. (And none of that cutting corners by saying HFCS is natural, which it totally is not. Everything in this beverage is bona-fide and exists in nature.)

Taste-wise it’s not too sweet, because there’s no added sugar. The carbonation isn’t too heavy and the grapefruit taste comes through swinging like a gentle champ, not too sour at all. It’s a simple, uncomplicated drink, pleasant and light on its feet. Definite thumbs up.

It even took me out of my “review place” without me realizing it. Halfway through, I was just sipping away, working on other stuff, not taking notes or anything. I guess what I’m saying is that Izze Sparkling Grapefruit made me a better person, at least for a few minutes.

7 thoughts on “Izze Sparkling Grapefruit”

  1. our office wound up getting cases of Izze last week. i sampled pomegranate, blackberry and grapefruit, and the latter is hands down the tastiest. it’s very crisp and clean, but not in a fresca kind of way.

  2. youthlarge: yes! exactly. it didn’t have the fake sweetener taste of fresca, which is always the dealbreaker for me. amen.

  3. Yeah Izze’s got the goods. My brother works at a bookstore cafe and smuggled out several of these for me. (It’s made in Boulder, Colo., like Mork & Mindy.) He recommended the grapefruit and I was all AW HELL NO and went for the pear, soon followed by the blackberry, both of which Brought It. But then he forced me to take a swig of grapefruit and I have to admit it was delish. Maybe the first grapefruit-flavored thing I’ve ever liked. And the label design is no slouch, either.

  4. I’m a fan. But if it made you a better person, why only 4 stars, instead of 5?
    PS – I’m a new reader, via The Morning News. I think I’ll be back…

  5. I had a bottle of the Clementine a few months ago (while in Boulder, should that make it extra refreshing?) It was way too sweet. I was expecting something more natural tasting. Maybe Clementine was the wrong flavour to go for.
    Their website suggests that they don’t sell outside the US, although I’m sure I saw something almost identical here in Dublin. Maybe it’s just someone ripping their label off.
    Also, may I say how happy I am this site is back? I am happy this site is back. There. I said it.

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