Steak & Shake Hot Fudge Shake

If you ever read my emails you would know that lately I’ve been all hopped up to sample this new hot fudge shake at Steak & Shake.

(Since you don’t have Steak & Shake out your way, the background is that they make pretty decent shakes (chocolate/vanilla/strawberry/mocha/choc mint/banana/probably others I’m forgetting) and now for an extra 39 cents they will pour hot fudge on top.)

Oh man. Even just thinking about it sets my soul a-quiver. This is totally marketed towards people like me, who love hot fudge sundaes, but hate the attendant mess. If it can’t be sipped or ingested through a straw, I’m not super-interested.

So anyways I finally got around to sampling a hot fudge shake today. I went for mocha. It was just okay. They used maybe 1/4 the amount of hot fudge I personally would have used, had I been creating this in my own kitchen. But maybe that’s just a personal preference thing. And the hot fudge was kind of thin, not at all ridiculously thick and gooey and Dairy Queenish like I was picturing in my mind.

In summation, the Hot Fudge Shake is one of those things, like Vanilla Eggnog Coke, that will probably always taste best in the drawing board of my mind. It is a place where oulandish beverage concoctions frolic gaily in the fields of the Lord, and you respond to my emails in a timely fashion.

One thought on “Steak & Shake Hot Fudge Shake”

  1. It is ashame they didn’t make the shake as you indicated. Although their shakes aren’t bad I always like the places with really think shakes myself. In fact once upon a time long, long ago you could actually ask them to make your shake thick and they would. Anyway we can hope that some brilliant marketing person will think up this new idea about old fashion shakes with thick fudge and shakes so thick you can stand your straw straight up in them.
    On another note I will say I absolutely love their Steakburgers and Chili Mac. Now if they would just build a Steak & Shake in the Metro Washington DC area. I miss the days of having them conveniently close when I was in Illinois. Furthermore unlike White Castles I can’t buy them at a grocery store. I guess it’s about time for a roadtrip.

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