Jones 24c Peach Mango

Josh I don’t know if you’re like me, talking to other people, having conversations and so forth. I sense not. But lately in my being social I have been meeting a growing number of people who cannot stand to drink plain water. They’re all: “Water? No thanks!” I guess they only drink juice and soda, so in some ways I think: Oh man, if I was like that, I could probably update this site at least once a week. But in more ways, I am fairly creeped out and wonder what their deal is, and if they have trouble going to the bathroom, and what their chances look like from an evolutionary standpoint.

But it does seem like this is a growing demographic: The Water Haters. People who, when given a choice between water and anything else, will choose anything else. Hopefully we’ll get some of those charming freaks chiming in with their comments on this post. Maybe you and I are like gods to them.

Anyways, this Jones 24c Peach Mango drink didn’t even register with me. I generally demand boldness and character from a beverage, and the enhanced water slash juice drinks are just wimpy as a full-time blogger. But for those water haters, shunning societal conventions and living in the subways or whatever, maybe they would like this. Maybe for them, this is water, this tasteless juice drink the baseline against which other beverages are measured.

Let them have it. Good luck to them as they ignore science and pee all the colors of Nagel’s palette.

4 thoughts on “Jones 24c Peach Mango”

  1. I used to be a water hater. I hated the taste. But water has no taste, people would say. Don’t believe them. It does. Since then, I’ve grown to love water. I started off drinking it cold enough that I couldn’t taste it, then gradually warmed up to a genuine appreciation. A squirt of lemon doesn’t hurt either.

  2. *raises hand*
    It’s really not that I hate water. What I hate is the taste of minerals. Water is full of rock. It drains through rocks on its epic journey down the mountains, it churns over rocks, it smashes rocks into tiny particles, it soaks rocks all day, and eventually it’s sucked up into rusty metal pipes and delivered to my glass. Gross.
    Anyway, if your palette is too numbed by the hypersweet shock treatments you inflict on your tongue to notice, well… gratz.
    This one looks like a cheap rip-off of Vitamin Water. Even the packaging is lame!

  3. Don’t pity water haters. Encourage them. Nothing is funnier to me than listen to people expound on why they can’t stand to drink something that is essential to their body’s normal functioning. Well, I take it back. Listening to them talking about pissing out kidney stones the size of baby fists is at least AS funny.

  4. The 24c vitamin water is very good. It is much better than the recently acquired vitawater by ko. Check out the ingredients. If it is marketed well, it will sell tons. Much easier to down than plain old h2o.

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