Archer Farms Mango Juice

Q: HOW excited was I to have mango juice for breakfast every day this week?

A: EXCITED excited.

Q: I am so happy for you, I have not seen you this full of zazz in so long!

A: I know, seriously!

Q: SO HOW WAS IT?????21111!!!!

A: If I was a mango I would go absolutely Rambo on this juice and avenge my name! The Target Corporation would play the role of Colonel Trautman. They drew first juice, not me. And then Mangbo just goes completely nuts, using a bazooka to destroy the vats of orange and grape juice they used to water him down, and in the end, we, the audience, must face the consequences of our role in creating this juice, because we are part of society.

Q: I don’t think he gets a bazooka until Rambo 2.

A: Is that the one where he falls in love with the Asian woman?

Q: Yes.

A: OK.