The First K4T User-Generated Content Contest

Dear Everyone–

I am back safe and sound, thanks very much to all the alert K4T readers who figured out the note and emailed J&G info about my whereabouts. Long story short, Josh’s maid, Thalia, who is extremely hot (no offense, J) also turned out to be a spy for the Pro-Cochineal Militia. What’s more, she broke my heart, just when I was finally learning how to love. Anyways, Gonzalo picked me up yesterday afternoon so I’m back now and just sort of getting my bearings here. I need to get Josh to rehab, and I guess Gonzalo hasn’t filed one god damn thing in about six months. While we find our feet, how about a nice little contest!

Please write in and tell us, in 200 words or less, about the best new beverage you enjoyed while K4T was on hiatus. The most entertaining entry will appear here on the site. Yes, you read that correctly: something you wrote might appear on a website. OK to sweeten the deal we will also send the winner a bona fide K4T Prize Pack of Random Beverages. U.S.A only, unfortunately, since I don’t know much about sending boxes of suspicious beverages overseas in our post 9/11 world, and funds are a bit tight until this season’s kickbacks from [Global Beverage Corporation] start rolling in.

Please send your missives in no later than Monday, April 30th, and either I or Gonzalo (if he still has a job) will read them.

Thank you for helping us:

  1. put content on the site
  2. stall

Regular beviews return next week.