Just Grow Up

Kevin Fanning, when are you going to apologize for what you did. Just be a man for once so we can get back to writing for this site.

13 thoughts on “Just Grow Up”

  1. Yeah, will you “two” please kiss and make up and get back to the business at hand! Or don’t! I’m actually quite happy to be the last comment listed in the Recent Comments of another defunct “Josh Allen and ‘friend'” website.

  2. the beverage industry tends to lag in the winter season (diametrically opposite from the gaming industry which only releases decent games in traditionally colder months). outside of the occasional ‘nog flavor variety, the oasis of interesting drinks tends to fairly dry up, so to speak, until the spring thaw.

  3. Without you guiding me to new beverage experiences, I’m forced to create my own by running existing beverages through the Brita filter until they create something new. Turns out orange juice pulp clogs those things pretty solid.

  4. yeah wait, skeezix is right. You guys totally missed the boat on the whole ‘nog debacle… Personally, I wanted to hear about soy nog… so sad…

  5. How exactly are we, the unsupecting readers supposed to find new drinks if you two aren’t writing about them? Surely we can’t be expected to try them ourselves. Please come back soon.

  6. *sigh*
    You really had something going here, fellas. Come on back… my roomate’s girlfriend brought home a Korean liquor with spanish olives and flecks of real gold floating in it. It tasted like death. I thought of you.

  7. I have been sick the last few days, and catching up on your glorious drink… well, they are too good to call them merely ‘reviews.’ ‘Essays,’ maybe. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and you have most assuredly helped me to recover. Please come back, so there will be more material for the next time I fall ill. Don’t withhold your healing powers any longer.

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