K4T vs Austin: Day Two

A true fact: the tap water here tastes like the earth. It has a grassy, dirty, earthiness to it. Like licking the dewy, freshly-cut grass. But I’m not here to judge. Well, I sort of am, but still.

What else. I’m knee-deep in margarita lore. I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good margarita, but sadly, more from reading the literature than sampling the flavas. Apparently a good margarita is one that uses lime juice instead of sour mix. And also the salt on the rim business is basically a ruse to hide the taste of inferior tequila. So I got a margarita at the restaurant last night. It cost $7 and it had both salt and sour mix, so who knows man, who knows. Probably the thing that I’ll take away from Austin is that Dos Equis is a dependable beer. I mean I knew that, but here, in whatever country this is, I’ve relearned the importance of that knowledge. Like the one time in your 20s when you actually used Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

On the juice and soda front, all I can tell you is that I roamed all over last night (OK three city blocks), looking for new bevs, but it’s the same stuff here that they have everywhere else. I did see those Milky Way and 3 Muskateers Slammers, but eh. One time in in high school I was talking with a friend about some girl and he used the phrase “I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.” That’s basically how I feel about drinking that much milk. I mean I’m mixing metaphors, but whatever.

3 thoughts on “K4T vs Austin: Day Two”

  1. Tastes just like a 3-musketeers bar… As in slightly chocolatey, slightly nasty?
    And yes, take any sour mix drink, subsitute the mix for lime juice and powdered sugar and you’re now at the mucho authentico version or whatever. You haven’t even had a Tom Collins til you’ve had it the right way.

  2. As a regular reader of K4T and a resident of Austin, I’ve been very sorry to hear you’re not getting your thirst quenched here. And I know you frown on “Hey you should try [X] beverage!” emails, but in this circumstance I must do something to try to save Austin’s reputation. So:
    Hey, you should try [http://www.sweetleaftea.com/] beverage!
    My wife and I find the Mint & Honey Green Tea especially chuggable. Hope you have a chance to try it (HEB stores should have it; Whole Foods does for sure), and/or find something else to slake your thirst here in Central Texas.

  3. Chris: Sweet Leaf is available pretty much everywhere, and I don’t find bottled teas super interesting to drink, but thanks anyway.

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