New York Times: Short and Sweet

Consumers crave two things: familiarity and novelty. This, of course, presents a challenge to sellers and helps explain why there are so many varieties of toothpaste, soft drinks, detergent or cereal anchored to a handful of famous brand names.

Josh will probably yell at me for posting this because it’s not explicitly about beverages, but I’ve got a bottle of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke in my fridge that I need to review and every time I look at it a little part of me dies. So this article just really speaks to my soul right now, you know? You know.

2 thoughts on “New York Times: Short and Sweet”

  1. Black Cherry Vanilla Coke
    You’re making that up, right? Cause the next thing you’re gonna tell me is the beverage gods have developed some sort of grape flavored Mountain Dew with a sour after-taste or a coffee-flavored cola with a name spelled like it’s a heavy metal band. Why can’t the world be “normal” for five freakin’ seconds. Why!!!

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