Coke Blak

Alright. You finish adding all those entries from years ago that make me cringe and wish I was never born. I take it upon myself to trudge onward and add new content.I was pretty jazzed to hear about Coke Blak. Coke, of course, a traditional favorite, as is coffee, so I was curious to see what would happen when they got together and tried to make a baby. I, of all people, should have known from experience what nonsense babies get into.

Coke Blak is suprisingly gross. After the first sip, my brain went: “Really? That?” It suffers from the same problem that afflicts all the big [brand-name cola + vanilla/cherry/whatever] sodas: the additives are too chemical-y, too fakey. The coffee flavoring waters down the bite of the cola, without blending at all. Every taste the whole way through felt like the worst cup of coffee ever was just lying on top of the cola, totally lazy, unwilling to do any heavy lifting.
It’s just as well, because as you know I am terrifed of high fructose corn syrup, and HFCS is actually listed as the 2nd ingredient on Coke Blak. They might as well have called this “Coke Poisn.”

5 thoughts on “Coke Blak”

  1. Coke Blak is outstanding! It’s so delicious. The downside is that you can’t stop at one.

  2. Coke Blak – damn I like it ! – wish we had the French version, I’m happier with cane sugar !

  3. Mmmmm, Coke Blak. ‘Round our house we call it Blake, and it is worshipped. Unfortunately, it’s a bit cost-prohibitive, so Jesse’s trying to figure out how to make it from Diet Coke, Espresso, Splenda, and pure love.
    I love the gingery aftertaste!

  4. Kev, I think what you’re tasting is the aspartame. (I know, it’s like some unsolvable logic problem: If HFCS, then phenylalanine; i.e., HUH?!?!) The coffee flavor claims to be natural (or at least doesn’t cop to being unnatural). They were giving them away out of trucks downtown. I picked up three, drank one, and will probably not give the other two away to homeless people, although I may need to invest in some vanilla ice cream to finish them myself.

  5. I also noticed the “long vowel” symbol over the “a” and thought: what? They want us to pronounce this “Coke Blake”?
    In any case. I was thinking of trying this drink, but now I’m not so sure. Hate to buy a whole big bottle, or a six pack. If someone were to give me one, though . . .

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